Lost stuffed animals do have magical powers, like being able to command Twitter.

Just in time for Christmas, we have a story that involves a stuffed animal that charms everyone he meets, jolly old England, a cute little girl, and some trains (which aren't really Christmas-y, but they're quaint, which is close enough).

Meet Roar, a little stuffed lion who was left on a train in London's King's Cross station and discovered by Lauren Bishop Vranch, a marketing director and "occassional bear," according to her Twitter profile. Recognizing that the well-worn state of the little critter's fur (she thought he was a bear at the time) showed he meant a great deal to someone, she ordered Twitter to help the bear find its way home. As you can see, other social networks joined in. Most importantly, this Spotted: On The Train Facebook page for items spotted...on the train:

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