A child's compassion touches patrons of an Alabama Waffle House.

Ava Faulk and her son Josiah Duncan made a homeless man cry. In a good way. (via WSFA)

On a trip to the Waffle House with his mother, 5-year-old Josiah Duncan saw a strange man outside the restaurant and was troubled by his appearance. Josiah asked his mother, Ava Faulk, tons of questions. Ava explained to her son that the dirty man holding a bag and locking up his bike was homeless.

Seeing a homeless person for the first time filled Josiah with lots of worried questions. As Ava continued to explain what she could, Josiah had one question that was very hard to answer: "Where does he keeps his groceries?" The hard truth was that this man didn't have any groceries and was probably very hungry. Josiah, being a sweet innocent little boy, knew he had to do the right thing and feed the homeless man. Well, his mom did the right thing, really. He doesn't have the spending money yet, but he is still very sweet.

Sources: WSFA