"Only use for school related use." Translation: I can't wait for Health class.
(via redditor OGL0K0)

Redditor OGL0K0 works in the "technoligy" department of an elementary school, and received this apology letter from a fourth grader who had been caught looking at dirty pictures. Whether he was caught by some kind of filter or alert or just spotted looking at naked pictures by his teacher, I don't know. What I do know is that this letter was his punishment (writing words on paper is the ultimate punishment for this generation).

Apparently, the school does have filters but it can't filter Google results (because they would have to block Google), so all it takes to find (the correct) results for the word "naked" is turning off SafeSearch. Some people are suspicious about this letter's veracity, however I believe it. If it is a forgery, they nailed it, because fourth grade is exactly the point at which I had my first computer lab and the point at which I would have typed "naked" into WebCrawler or AltaVista or whatever pre-Google portal would take me to something barely related to "naked" (ok, fine, even early search engines did an OK job at turning up results for "naked").

Sources: redditor OGL0K0