Facing mortality is so adorable!

This is Sadie. She's dealing with some issues at the moment. While most of us don't come face to face with the absurd cruelty of the cosmic joke until at least middle school, or whenever we hear our first Cure song, she's handling all that unpleasantness at just five-years-old.

Here she is working through her profound sadness that her adorable infant brother will one day grow into a toddler, and then a teenager, and then a man, subject to the withering effects of time. And with his fleeting baby-ness will go those 'cute little smiles' that she  loves so much. And, for extra credit, she also processes that she herself will one day cease to be, wailing 'And I don't wanna die when I'm a hundred!' to the empty, answerless heavens.

Sources: Alex Miller | h/t redditor da80