So far, so good. (via Christy Grant)

Al Ferguson may be new to the father game, but his parenting instincts appear to be pretty good. At least when it comes to predicting the moment his newborn son is about to let loose with a stream of poop that could take down a bear. The British dad told Today, "As I felt his stomach tense, in the back of your head you know he’s about to go poo, and then before you know it, he’s doing it.”

There's an inherent risk of getting pooped on any time you're cradling a naked newborn. It's a stinky right of passage for all new parents. There's just usually not a professional photographer on hand to capture baby's first shit-storm.

And now it's a total crap shoot. (via Christy Grant)

In this case, not only did photographer Christy Grant capture the "money-shot," her quick thinking may have saved the Fergusons' shag rug. “It’s not the kind of carpet that can be cleaned particularly easily,” he said. “But the photographer did an amazing thing — she reached down for a nappy, picked it up, then went to put it over Ted’s bum to stem the flow.”

While those aren't skills you normally look for in a portrait photographer, they certainly come in handy when the subject is a 7-pound, naked poop factory.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

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