After over three years in foster care, one little girl was finally adopted—and on Election Day, no less. No matter who you are, what you think, or where you're from, you can't help but feel a little calmer knowing something happy is happening in this little girl's life.

Posted on Reddit, the comments were full of fellow veterans of the foster care system. Their own nostalgia, over that wonderful feeling of finding a permanent home, only makes the anonymous little girl's smile even sweeter.


"I spent ages 2-7 in the foster care system before being adopted at age 8," wrote one user. "I still remember that blissful feeling of finally having someone to call 'mom.'"

The post became something of a forum for sharing foster care stories, and many of them are, sadly, really disturbing. "Being in foster care was without a doubt the worst experience of my life," wrote one redditor, echoing many of the other commenters.

But the photo is proof that sometimes good things do happen in the foster care system, or perhaps in spite of it. Either way, in her toughest times, this little girl will be able to look back at this photo and smile.