When you were a kid, anything was a toy. A simple box. An empty toilet roll. A dildo, found under mom and dad's bed that instantly became your best friend forever.

Compared to some of these nostalgic tales from AskReddit, playing with a giant dildo seems downright reasonable. Just keep your kid away from PVC pipes.

1. This_reasonable_guy probably grew up to be a reasonable badass.

We used to live next to a farm and me and my brother would always be playing with farm machinery and tools. This one time my mum found my brother swinging an axe around his head laughing while I ducked underneath it. Another time the farmer found me and my brother throwing rocks at his combine harvester. He asked "what you doing?" We told him we wanted to know if it was powerful enough to mash up rocks. He laughed and said it's also powerful enough to mash up little boys.