This baby girl was very concerned when she discovered her belly button for the first time. Her reaction was a fun display of several early childhood milestones in cognition and motor skills.

Sometimes kids enjoy learning they have control over their bodies, like the baby who realized he could wiggle his eyebrows. But after noticing her navel, this girl was not a fan of her inability to remedy this newly found feature.

First, she found something she thought should not be on her body. She assumed a few swipes with her little arms would make short work of it, like anything else stuck to a belly. When at first she did not succeed, she tried, tried again. Her distress and frustration grew when she couldn't get rid of it, much to joy of the parent who taped this and tried not to laugh loudly:


Resistance is futile! The belly button stays, kid. This should also be a lesson for her not to get distracted while driving and keep her eyes on the road. Just imagine what would have unfolded if she had an outie belly button.

Sources: YouTube