This might be the purest, most adorable thing you will watch today.

In a recent advertisement for the BBC's children's network, CBeebies, different pairs of kids were asked what makes them different from one another. Their responses prove that children see the world a little bit differently than grown-ups do.

What makes you two different from each other?

These children were asked how they were different from one another. Their responses might just bring a tear to your eye! 💗 (via CBeebies)

Posted by BBC Family & Education News on Sunday, June 18, 2017

Yup. Despite the differences in race and the fact that some of the kids had disabilities, the biggest difference any of them could find was "She's good at counting and I'm good at hiding."


While the other pairs were able to at least find *some* difference between them, these two were totally stumped. Must have been the matching sweaters and glasses that threw them off.

We're not the only ones who loved this ad. Since BBC Family & Education News posted the video to its Facebook page last week, it's been shared almost 233,000 times.

Kids are the best, man.