In case you needed a heartwarming, "awwww"-worthy story today (and let's face it, we all do), here's a great one that happened just before closing time at a grocery store in Cannock, England.

A woman named Helen Martin was doing some evening grocery shopping at a Sainsbury's store with her daughter Cordelia (known as Cordie), who struggles with anxiety and panic attacks. The source of Cordie's fear is alarms going off in public places, a phobia that goes back to a fire alarm test at a Sainsbury's a few years ago that completely traumatized her.


So when the store lights dimmed to signal the store was about to close, Cordie understandably got freaked out. Really freaked out. Helen rushed to check out while trying to keep Cordie as calm as possible. And that's when a compassionate Sainsbury's cashier stepped up to save the day.

Helen described the touching moment in a Facebook post on the Sainsbury's page, saying:

"The lady working at the checkout could see something was wrong...I explained the problem and how the lights dimming had caused her to panic and she was just so lovely. She came around the checkout and asked my daughter to help her scan the shopping, coaxed her into her seat whilst we dried her tears and completely distracted her by letting her scan all the food. I cannot tell you how much this meant to me and my daughter."


Here's the full story:

Every since my daughter was little she has suffered with anxiety/panic attacks triggered by alarms/loud noises or in...

Posted by Helen Martin on Sunday, February 5, 2017

As Helen mentions, she was so frazzled and taken aback by the unexpected kindness she totally forgot to ask the grocery clerk's name. She found out the next day when she and Cordie went back to the Sainsbury's to bring their hero flowers. The clerk's name is Tina, and she "has become quite a celebrity at work."


Just wanted to update everyone who liked, shared, commented on my post from yesterday. Tonight Cordie and I went to say...

Posted by Helen Martin on Monday, February 6, 2017

As for Cordie? She's "enjoying her 15 minutes of fame."

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