Is that a bed or a golden throne? Either way, this kid is totally right.

What elevates this drawing to masterpiece level is both its simplicity of prose — a lesser writer would have been bogged down in lengthy explanations of why, perhaps, single life would be better — and its ambitious use of empty space and ambiguous portrayal of the main subject, which allows the viewer to fill it with all their own projections. Is the figure a man or a woman? Does it matter? Is it throwing its hands in the air as if to say it doesn't care, or is it perhaps folding unseen hands behind it's head? Did the artist simply leave some extra crayon over the face, or is that a cloud of smoke from some unknown substance that our truly free protagonist is enjoying at his/her leisure? We may not ever know, but likely we are not supposed to. We are simply meant to enjoy and to envy.

Sources: Pleated Jeans