People confessed their weirdest, most irrational childhood fears. You're not alone.

People confessed their weirdest, most irrational childhood fears. You're not alone.

Kids have some crazy fears, and they can develop in the strangest ways. I watched Carrie with a babysitter as a kid and for years I was convinced my mom was trying to kill me, just like Carrie's mom did at the end of the movie. If she offered me hot chocolate I would suspect attempted murder. And to make matters worse, my mother's curly hair looked a lot like Piper Laurie's did in that movie. Now that I'm an adult I've of course outgrown that silly fear…mostly.

Collected here are some of people on Reddit's most irrational and funniest childhood fears. Don't worry, these probably won't keep you up at night if you're over the age of 10.


1. Sporxable must have hated shopping.

That if I lost my parents in a store or something, that's it. No more parents for me, I'm an orphan now.

2. A lot of fears had to do with toilets, like PM-SOME-TITS' here. This one's not that irrational.

There's a spider in my toilet and it's gonna climb in my ass.

3. But Dr. Doorknob's toilet-fear makes a little less sense.

If I sat on the toilet too long (like 5 minutes long) my body would grow onto the toilet and I would be attached on the toilet for the rest of my life.

4. To be fair, a lot of people dislike seaweed, but few were as afraid of it as chillyfeets.

Seaweed. I saw it as a giant sea spider. Even just seeing a clump of washed up seaweed 10ft away was enough for me to start screaming. I refused to play in slightly murky water because if I stepped on the sea spiders I'd die.

... I still freak out if I feel seaweed brush against my leg.


5. But why be scared of seaweed when you can be scared of those terrifying swimming pool sharks like Crazysnowwolf?

Angel sharks in swimming pools.

Any discolorization in the concrete at the bottom of the pool? Clearly the outline of a shark that has evolved to camouflage itself in chlorine filled pools to snack on unsuspecting six year olds.

6. It makes sense to be scared of sharks in the ocean, but Ephemara's scenario probably doesn't happen too often.

I was always afraid of swimming in my backyard pool because I thought that a helicopter would come by my house while I was swimming and drop sharks in it. Looking back at it, I don't know what the hell made me think that or where I even got it from.

7. Okay, no joke, I don't know if we all grow out of GregTheGreat's fear.

I could never look out the windows when it was night, as I was always afraid that I'd catch some monster looking back in.


8. Life seemed very dangerous for adults to go_fer_it_Rock.

That if my parents got fired from their job that they'd actually be set on fire.

9. Azazel_the_Fox fear is no longer relevant now that everything's on disc. OR IS IT?

I had a VERY realistic dream my brother got eaten by our 1989 era VCR. I was pretty scared to put tapes in for a while. It flattened him in my dream :(

10. Platyviolence was probably not a big fan of smooth jazz.

When I was a little kid I was deathly afraid of saxophones.

Edit: for those who have been PMing me, no I am no longer afraid of saxophones. No, I don't know how the fear developed.

11. Titty_burger's not so off base—they are a little creepy.

I had an overwhelming fear of cantaloupes. I found a box of them behind the garage and thought they were brains.


12. Manila_girl22 also had a fruit-related fear, but a lot of kids actually see this as a goal.

That if I swallowed the seeds of any fruit (like oranges), it would germinate in my tummy and a tree would somehow sprout from my belly.