I envy your ability to get up at dawn. I suppose unicorns are morning people, though. 
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It turns out that when you want to enroll your kid in daycare, the personality survey they give out is way more serious than you'd expect, including questions that they will later see again when applying to college (although they'll need a lot more words to explain their "goals" at 17). Most parents today put up with this because childrearing is more competitive than ever, but one redditor's friend had enough and decided to answer all the questions with complete honesty on behalf of his 11-month-old daughter (oh yeah, that's another good point: they're barely verbal). Hopefully these won't come back and bite her in the butt when she's applying to college, but I for one think our daycares could use this sort of outside-the-blocks thinking.

Sources: redditor JesadBellic | Huffington Post