Dad and photographer Alan Lawrence turns his baby into a deliriously evil leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day.

Dad and photographer Alan Lawrence turns his baby into a deliriously evil leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day.

For the drunken holiday known at St. Patrick's Day, Alan Lawrence dressed up the youngest of his six kids, Rockwell, as a leprechaun up to nothing productive. Lawrence told Today that in order to make the pictures authentic, he held up his six-month-old son and later used his photo editing skills to achieve the end results. Boo, Rockwell isn't magical after all—and there isn't a pool of green paint in the washing machine. At least the mischievous faces weren't photoshopped. Kid has got those down naturally.

Rockwell is disgusted by natural green coloring.

I don't think he is quite ready to make the "green only" life change.

Rockwell knows how he likes his laundry done.

When I opened the door he told me to calm down because he had already run one load with green paint and it turned out fine.

Rockwell enjoys bonding with the family pet.

Yesterday he told me our family wasn't "green" friendly, I thought he was referring to environmentally.


That green was edited in, so the carpet—and dog—were not stained.

Rockwell's such a thoughtful son, he upgraded his dad's sneakers.

Tonight he "surprised" me by modifying my Air Jordan's! He said the improvement would help me "bring my A-game."

Rockwell's favorite accessory is his pail of (chocolate) gold.

We just sat down to breakfast when the doorbell rang. Apparently he wanted to make an official entrance as a leprechaun. Im not sure if the beard is real, every time I try to touch it he kicks me in the shins. Looks like it's time to start sleeping with one eye open again.


Rockwell gets along well with his siblings.

He hasn’t quite perfected his Irish accent. It sounds like a mix between Yoda and Alvin the Chipmunk. I got a kick out of hearing him tell Nik, “Don’t be messing with me pot of gold!” every time he passed him hanging on the wall.

Rockwell lives in a special world where everything is green.


I'm going to need his pot of gold to pay someone to remove this paint!

Rockwell is very paranoid that someone will steal his pot o' gold.

I think he's worried about the kids getting into his gold when he's napping. I didn't have the heart to tell him that they're just chocolates.

While Rockwell's parents scoured the Internet for that perfectly awful beard, Rockwell's mom, Nikki, made the costume. She also made the baby.