Ah, those years before a child finds out that most people think apathy is cool.

Weddings are as old as time, as are flamboyant kids who un-self-consciously bust a move on the dance floor around girls they have no interest in (whether yet or ever). Of course, even back in the beginning, there were always the adults lounging on the outskirts of the party who killed time by narrating the unsuspecting child's moves.

Basically, the footage we are looking at now could have been made by the earliest hunter-gatherers, except they didn't have video cameras, or hardwood floors, or clothes made out of things besides animal skins. What I'm trying to say is that this video has no description on YouTube and the comments are disabled (because this kid is pretty fabulous, and you can imagine how well Internet commenters liked that), so I have nothing else to tell you. Have a great Monday.

Sources: Blake Weir