The first day of school can be rough–and sometimes, children come home bearing proof of that.

A Louisiana mom named Markeisha Simien recently shared before-and-after photos of her 5-year-old daughter Charle-feigh from her first day of kindergarten. In the pictures, Charle-feigh is proudly showing off a hairstyle evolution that's too hilarious for words.

The before pics are super cute:


That's a put-together child if I ever saw one!

Needless to say, that flawless hairdo did not make it through the day. Behold, Charle-feigh's after school look:

Feel free to excuse yourself to let all your laughter out. I'll wait.

Simien spoke with Yahoo Beauty about her daughter's hysterical transformation. "I had my daughter's hair done Sunday evening for school that week," she told the outlet. "When she got out of school Monday evening, her hair was tore up. The style didn't even last 24 hours."


Simien felt overwhelmed by the virality of her post, so she took it down. However, after seeing how happy it made so many people on the internet, she shared the images again.

"She's made a lot of people in the world happy just by that post. I had numerous people in my inbox telling me how my daughter made their day," Simien told Yahoo Beauty. "They were having bad days, and they saw her post and felt better. For her to bring joy to the world like that was good enough for me."

And the post has definitely been bringing joy to the world. The comments section on Simien's posts have been blowing up with comments, many of which express how the pictures made their day.


"I laughed so hard at this post when I saw it, I am a single mother of a son so I will never know what its like to work so hard on a daughters hair and have this happen. She is so damn cute and this story made my day. Your daughter is beautiful and you totally cracked me up. Such a doll," commented one person. "That sweet baby must have had a rough first day at school!" wrote another.

Other parents had experienced similar trauma. "OMG I just had my first moment like this with my daughter....she came out of class and i was in disbelief...first question was 'what happened to your hair' lol, at least her uniform was clean," a parent commented. "My baby girl took a picture one year and I didn't even recognize her in the picture. kids are so much fun. It really looks like your daughter had a rough first day.😂😂😂," added another.


Here's hoping Charle-feigh can get through her next school day in one piece–and if she doesn't, here's hoping her mom shares more photos.

Sources: Yahoo Beauty