Ever feel like you just can't muster up the energy to get anything done? Like life is just dragging you along? That you are simply too exhausted to GAF anymore? Well, first off, you may be depressed—but second off, this video of a little girl named Sienna getting dragged in circles by a merry-go-round will definitely resonate with you.

The video was uploaded onto YouTube by Sienna's father, Nigel Broomhall.


Most children like to ride the animals on a roundabout. Not our daughter. Perhaps a future role as a zombie child in the Walking Dead awaits.

Here is the video in GIF form, which pairs well with any of these captions:

  • Me getting through the work week.
  • Me before I have my morning coffee.
  • Me on my morning commute.
  • Me getting through Friday before a holiday weekend.
  • Me sitting through my kid's recital.
  • Me getting out of bed.
  • Me trying to get things done while hungover.
  • Me after a workout.
  • Me while out with friends after 1am.
  • Me realizing that life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone.
  • Me getting the runaround from my cable company.
  • Me getting dragged into your drama.

Basically, this girl is me. She is you. She is all of us.