On Thursday night in Reno, Nevada, some guy with a gun tried to rob a convenience store, KOLO 8 reported. The Reno police are looking into the incident, which involved multiple witnesses. One witness was an artistic little girl who lent the cops a hand with her sketch of the robber. Being a creative spirit, the little girl gave the cops a second sketch. This second sketch has nothing to do with the robbery.

Reno Police are investigating an attempted robbery at a convenience store Thursday night. A young girl who saw the armed...

Posted by KOLO 8 News Now on Friday, April 15, 2016

Let's take a closer look at these images.

Upon further inspection, the robbery suspect has a beard, a unibrow, and very big feet.


In the girl's second drawing, there appears to be not one but two sharks, as well as the girl's dad in floaties.

As of now, there is yet no word on the suspect's whereabouts or why this little child drew a shark mauling her. Undoubtedly the girl's parents have as many questions as the cops.