Toddlers are so easy to fool, you'd think there'd be no real joy in it. But you'll change your mind once you see this little girl remain ever optimistic in the face of continual, ruthless adult deception.

Her tormentor's idea is simple—grab a pint of ice cream and eat it slowly, letting the spoon hover near the kid's mouth each time so she thinks she's about to get a delicious bite. Then, at the last possible moment, pull it away for yourself. Repeat until you finally incur god's wrath.

Baby Thinks She's Getting Ice Cream

This baby's face is too much! So cruel 😂😂

Posted by UNILAD on Saturday, November 26, 2016

As so often happens, this tyke is a victim of her own cuteness: that expectant face is just too perfect, and we need to see it again. Still, we're hoping her patience was rewarded with a few scoops after this video was recorded, otherwise it's the kind of trauma that could haunt her for life.