Comedian Jimmy Kimmel hit the pavement to ask America's children, aka our future, for their thoughts on president-elect Donald Trump. “We’ve heard from pundits and surrogates and experts and anchors, but we haven’t yet heard from kids,” says the Jimmy Kimmel Live host before Friday's segment. Their reactions were hilariously real and on point.

In a time where most adults are yelling, crying and fighting on the internet, these little kids ironically seem to be handling this election like mature adults. Watch here and don't click out before the "Darth Trump" impression from a future SNL star:


I don't know what's more relatable, the little girl who sucks her teeth when asked to think of something "nice" to say about Trump, or the baby who just cries. And the kid who suggested our president-elect should have to clean toilets will hopefully grow up and run for elected office some day.

Maybe from now on, only children should be allowed to vote.

Sources: YouTube