10 kids who are better with money than most adults.

10 kids who are better with money than most adults.

These kids are so entrepreneurial, goal-oriented, and clearly focused on making fat stacks that they'll make you feel lazy. One day they shall rule over all of us, and we will grovel at their feet, clad in expensive shoes, begging them not to fire us.

1. Supply and demand.

It's basic economics, people.

2. A willingness to negotiate.

If you want $100,000, you've got to ask for a million.

3. Life is hard, money helps.

Annisa's credit score is already higher than her parents'.

4. Makin' bank.

What other reason is there to even be rich?

5. Too good to actually work.

Go work for Toms Shoes, you hippie.

6. "Sent from my doomsday lair."

"Sincerely, Donald 'Flint' Trump, age 9."

7. Bigger businesses have started with less.

This business is more developed than Twitter.

8. First you get the money, then you get the respect.


9. He drives a hard bargain.

Watching their grandson play tee ball game is like a Kickstarter reward for old people.

10. The American Dream.

4. Drive around in expensive cars, interviewing comedian friends.

 (Homepage image via Flickr: Carissa Rogers.)