Ah, the first weeks away from home, when kids learn valuable skills like tying knots and how to hand-write threats to their parents.

I'm going to murder all of you. Well, just mom. Luv ya, bye!
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I'm not really afraid that this girl hates camp, because according to my folks, I complained in every single letter I wrote home until suddenly I realized I was having fun and then stopped writing them altogether. Then I did it again the following summer. I will say, though, that I'm impressed with all the different ways she knows to get at her parents' heartstrings: threats of violence, guilt tripping, throwing things they said earlier back, and finally the rarest of all childhood tactics, financial responsibility. I'll bet you 700 bucks, though, that in a few weeks, she'll ask them whether they can send her for longer next year.

Sources: redditor ForeverClumsy