New Zealand won't let you name your kid "Anal" for some reason.

New Zealand won't let you name your kid "Anal" for some reason.


My name is Justice Messiah Smith and I'm too badass for New Zealand!

New Zealand doesn't have a problem with Frodo, Gandalf, or Treebeard, but try to name someone "Anal" or "Princess" (hopefully not both) and suddenly you've got a problem on your hands. See, New Zealand has something called the Births, Deaths and Marriages and Relationships Registration Act that sets guidelines for acceptable names. Here are some of our favorites:

Mafia No Fear
(there were 6 babies named Lucifer this year. Jesus!)
. (yes, someone tried to name thier kid "." as in the punctuation mark. Pronounced "full stop")

2nd (as in their second child)
* (Yes, an asterisk. Maybe the parents used steoids?)

Mostly, the list forbids people from giving kids names that would imply they have a position of authority or nobility - no Kings, no Dukes, no Justices, no Presidents. There were 62 rejected Justices this year (and not just in the US Congress! Hey-O!), but the name was so popular that two sets of parents tried to get away with Justus and one tried Juztice, without success. That being said, we think a kid named Justice would have an awesome chance of growing up to be a superhero. Check out the full list here.