Evil siblings share the diabolical pranks they played on each other. They're creatively mean.

Evil siblings share the diabolical pranks they played on each other. They're creatively mean.

We asked you to tell us the worst pranks your siblings played on you when you were younger.

And wow—seriously, wow—we hope you aren't too psychologically scarred. Your brothers and sisters were brutal to you.

Here are some of the greatest, most diabolical pranks shared by our readers. Feel free to add to the list in the comments below.

1. Lauren and her brother joined forces to frame (and injure) their sister.

My brother and I were fighting and we broke the stool next to the dining room table. We were so worried about getting in trouble that we super glued the leg back on and put it back and made a deal not to tell our parents.

The whole family sat down for dinner a few hours later and our little 3 year old sister came over. Since she was the last one to the table, she sat on the stool. It instantly collapsed, she fell to the floor, our mom jumped up to see if she was ok and I said "OMG, I can't believe you broke it!!" lol.

She was so worried she was going to be in trouble for breaking it and we would have gotten away with it, too, if my brother hadn't started hysterically laughing when I said that lol.

2. At least Kari had a gum ball machine. That sounds fun.

My sister shaved all my barbies' heads, pulled them off the bodies, and put the shaved heads in my gum ball machine!

3. Malynda definitely saw that episode of Rugrats.

When my sister swallowed some watermelon seeds I told her if she drank water the seeds would start growing in her stomach and the vines would grow out of her ears, nose and mouth. Of course she started crying and ran to my mom. I got in trouble for scaring my little sister. But I saw my dad smiling.

4. Dawn didn't quite get equivalent revenge.

I've got two with my older sister (three years older). When I was about three she cut chunks of my long blond hair off and, hearing our mom coming out of the door, threw the hair in the cactus and handed me the scissors.

Not only did I get in trouble, but I had the WORST correction haircut for awhile!

Also, she had me convinced when I was 5 that our parents found me in a trash can under a bridge and had to adopt me.

I love my sister though! I think my worst joke on her was salting her root beer once when I was like 10.


5. Jessica will never own a white rug again.

My older siblings told me that my parents had killed our white poodle and turned him into a rug! We had a fake white bearskin rug and I honestly believed it was Scooter for awhile.

6. David's still waiting for his show to come back on.

I was the trickster in my family! I'm several years older than my brother David. When he was little (sometime in the early '90s) we had a set top cable box and the channels changed instantly (no delay like digital cable). When he would watch cartoons, I'd swipe the clicker. At the exact moment his show went to commercial, I would turn it to one of my favorite channels, lol. He never realized and would sit through my show thinking it was just a really long commercial break. I was such a meanie!!


David responded to this one. Confirmation:

I must have thought it was a really long commercial

Thank you, David.

7. Pamela will have her salad sans pig's brains, thanks.

My sister told me croutons were dried pig brains when I was 6 or 7. I honestly believed her and didn't start eating them again until I was a teenager. Even though I knew by that time they weren't, that little voice was in the back of my head saying, "But what if..."

8. Sage's insults haven't advanced much.

He told me when you were born you didn't have the crack in your bum. He told me that the dr. uses a pizza cutter (we happened to be having pizza for dinner) to cut it.... he's a jerk face.

9. Amanda is still savage, if that "lol" is any indication.

My brother and I told my little sister random couples we'd see were her real parents and they were coming to take her with them. She'd end up crying of course lol.

10. We hope Vanessa changed.

I once blindfolded my younger sister (8&7) while we were playing outside, and told her to run and said I would tell her to stop... I let the side of our apartment building let her know when she was done.

I also used to pin her down, and let a glop of spit dangle down into her face, sometimes slurping it back, sometime letting it fall, all while she screamed and tried to get away.

We get along better now.

11. Joe gave a quick lesson in biology to scar his brother forever.

When my little brother was five we were trying to teach him to shower so sometimes he would get in the shower with me. Anyway, one day we are in the shower and I guess he was excited to tell me that he has two balls.

Without missing a beat I said "Only two? Most people have three. Dad and I have three."

When my brother realized what I was saying he ran out of the bathroom naked screaming with tears running down his face, "I only have two balls!"

My dad thought it was hilarious but I still got in trouble for that one. My brother has never forgotten this incident. It has now passed on into family legend.

12. Meagan probably has a big, barking dog now.

My sister convinced me I was dropped off by UPS, but it was to the wrong house. So anytime we got a delivery to the house I would scream because I thought they were trying to return me.

13. Mary's sister is in the mafia now, where she belongs.

My older sister Janet made a hangman's noose out of clothesline and hung my favorite stuffed animal.

She did this the very morning I had awoken with clothesline rope around my neck strangling me. I had tied a stuffed animal on a leash to the leg of my bed to guard me in my sleep. That leash had 'somehow' gotten wrapped twice around my neck.

The hung stuffy was a message that she had done it. I got the message loud and clear.

14. Morgan's prank is refreshingly innocent after that mafia one.

When my brother and I were kids, if we were thirsty we'd just grab any cup and drink it. I was mad at my bro for something so I saw a cup in the bathroom and put a whole bunch of soap in it and he literally walked by and drank it. Omg lol he threw up too cause he swallowed it. I got in big trouble for that but, I mean, come on? Its not like I told him to drink it! I was 5 and he was 7. No regrets

15. Kris made a mountain out of a mole.

My little brother had a mole in the middle of his forehead (about the size of a dime), when he was about 5 my older brother convinced him that it would glow in the dark if he stood before the mirror in the bathroom and pushed it.... took my parents a while to figure out why he kept going into the bathroom and crying it was broken.

16. Becca and her brother had an unconventional art project.

While my younger sister slept, my brother and I rubbed a liquid glue stick all over her back. It stuck to her baby hairs and when she woke up in the morning we told her she had a disease where all of her skin peeled off and she would die. We were horrible.

17. And finally, FINALLY a cat makes the list.

Well, I was laying on the floor on my stomach and he let the cat climb up on me and drop a deuce in the middle of my back. And then instead of helping me clean it up, he just sat and laughed.

18. Isn't this kind of a prank on him, too?

My brother would fart on my toast. He knew I found it super disgusting and wouldn't eat it anymore. So he would get to eat my toast without having to make it!

19. They're called bats.

My brother (2 years my senior) convinced me piranhas could fly and they would get in my room if I left my window open at night. I slept with closed windows for several years…

20. Chelsea's brother is the real goblin here.

I have an ear that sticks out (used to be a lot worse than it is now). When I was 8/9 my brother told me that goblins come in to my bedroom at night and swap my ears over with someone else. The only way to prevent this happening is to cover my ears... I'm 25 now and still can't sleep with my ears on show!

21. Vickie killed Barney just for some alone time.

I told my younger siblings Barney the dinosaur was buried in the back yard. Got the TV remote while they had a eulogy out back.

If these stories remind you of anyone, please shame them in comments below.