She will forever associate Star Wars with a father's love, which is kind of ironic when you think about it.

"I am going to be very disappointed by real-world vehicles later in life."

Father and craftsman Tez Gelmir has created this amazing speeder bike rocking horse modeled on the Imperial vehicles seen in Return of the Jedi (instructions on how to build it here). The baby is appropriately dressed as Princess Leia Organa, who steals a bike along with Luke in the movie, although as this clip itself makes clear, Leia is wearing much more practical garb for a speeder bike ride in Jedi. This kid doesn't know the difference between a protocol droid and her blankie yet, but I have a feeling the Force (of nerdiness) will be very strong in this one. (Go to 0:52 to skip the DIY parts)

Sources: Tez Gelmir