People with strict parents share the most batsh*t rules they had to follow.

People with strict parents share the most batsh*t rules they had to follow.

Almost every kid is raised with some household rules, or else everyone would just turn into wild heathens running rampant through the streets. But some people, the ones with really strict parents, had rules so ridiculous you couldn't even come up with them if you tried. People on Reddit who were raised by household tyrants shared the strangest rules they had to follow in their childhoods.

1. Sowhatonion's parents really wanted him or her to know that the Sims is not real life.

I was not allowed to use the money cheat on Sims growing up because that's not how the "real world" works, I used the cheat once and couldn't explain where all the money I had came from so I was grounded and had Sims taken away.

2. MrsDwightShrute's mom was the master milk controller.

My mom wouldn’t let me open a new milk without her permission or open anything really without it. Like we would have an extra milk in the garage fridge and I would use the rest of the mil inside. Instead of a normal household where you could just get more I had to call her and ask. So that meant if she didn’t pick up then I would have to wait for her to call back. The first time I realized this wasn’t normal is when I friend went to open a new gallon of milk and I got super anxious and was like “dude you have to call your mom right now or she’ll freak out.”
She was like “umm... my mom will be okay if I need a glass of milk.”

It suddenly clicked that my mom was a control freak.


3. Human8837's is probably still quiet in cars.

I wasn’t allowed to talk in the car at all unless I was directly asked a question. It didn’t seem like that big of deal at the time since it was normal for me, it’s now as an adult when my friends are weirded out by my immediate silence when I enter a vehicle that I realized it was not a regular rule.

​​​​​​4. XxxtommyXxXxX's dad was in charge of the mail, no matter what.

Nobody in my house was allowed to get the mail except my dad. Doesn't matter what time he got home. Leave the mail in the mailbox. He would also personally open all the mail no matter the recipient. When he went on business trips my mom would be allowed to go get the mail, but it had to immediately be put on his desk in his office. He would always know if anyone touched it.


5. RikerTheDeadBiker's parents had an "open door" policy. Well, more of a "no door" policy.

No door in my bedroom during teenage years.

You figure it the fuck out.

6. Ajustice83 was afraid of the mailman.

My mom was paranoid everyone and everything was a kidnapper. She hated the mailman on our route. So, when I was young, 3, 4 years old, my mom told me it was illegal to be outside when the mail came.

Around 11:15 every day I'd see that truck coming. I'd high tail it inside the house, horrified I would be spotted.

Fast forward 30 years. I still genuinely feel a tinge of panic in the smallest recesses of the back of my brain when I see the mailman arrive. Only now it's overpowered by the excitement of my latest Amazon package I really don't need.


7. Dkimball50's grandmother was not a fan of Harry Potter.

My grandmother made me write out the encyclopedia entry on witchcraft when she found out I had read the first 4 Harry Potter books, if that counts?

8. MaybeThisUsernameWor's dad wasn't waiting around for him to make up his mind.

If you didn't instantly say what you wanted to eat my father would cook onions and garlic. He didn't like people wasting his time.

9. San_fran_disco's mom enforced the no candy rule, come hell or high water.

My mom didn't allow candy. Once I snagged a box of Valentine hearts candy from preschool (yes I was about 4 or 5) and smuggled them home. Out of the goodness of my heart, I decided to share them with my undeservedly revered older brother. Said brother quickly decided that getting free candy was nowhere near as entertaining as me being punished and humiliated, and told my mom I was eating contraband candy. So like any reasonable adult would do, she freaked out and pulled a Valentine heart out of my mouth while I was trying to eat it.

Moral: Never trust anyone.


10. Phoenix-corn was only allowed to go to the bathroom in one specific place and absolutely nowhere else.

I was not allowed to use public restrooms. I "ruined" our Disney trip because of how many times we had to go back to the hotel (not on site) when I was six. And I quite honestly had accidents when I was far too old to do so because my parents had my teachers reporting bathroom use to them too. There was no place I could safely use the restroom other than home without getting into trouble. :( Finally I got to use public restrooms without punishment when I fucking went to college (no, I'm not kidding. But I got pretty good at hiding restroom use in high school because the high school refused to report it to my parents. WHY did none of these teachers spot the abuse? HOW?)


11. SpitefulNoodle was grounded so long his or her parents actually forgot what the punishment was for.

My parents once grounded me for 2 years for getting a B on my report card. Took everything out of my room besides the bed, and I wasn't allowed to do anything with friends. A year and a half into it I asked if I could be un-grounded, and at that point they had actually forgotten what they grounded me for, but refused because "I must have done something bad if they grounded me."

Also they refused to let me stay up past 8pm. Even in high school.