Elementary school teachers share the funniest things they've heard their students say about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Elementary school teachers share the funniest things they've heard their students say about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

If you want to know what adults think about the election, just un-mute your Facebook feed, but if you want to know what children are thinking, ask their teachers. Here are 13 elementary school teachers who shared the funniest things they've overheard kids say about presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


1. RagingFuckalot had a student who had a pretty good idea for a reality show.

I had a good chuckle the other day when a student asked me if Donald Trump, Blake Obama and Hilary Duff all have to live together in the white house.

2. ​Arugulaboogaloo has found a Trump labor force you can pay in juice boxes.

Grade four. When they are outside playing in the snow, one of the things they like to do is build a Trump wall.

3. bearfoxmousemushroom predicts Hillary will win by a neck.

I teach Pre-K and a little girl very seriously informed me that, " Donald Trunk (yes, she said Trunk) was a bad man because he tells people he has lots of good surprises but he's really a big liar".

My other favorite was a little boy who said, "I like the lady one because when she talks real loud her turkey gobble under her chin wiggles".


4. ​retiredrabbit has a student who can't wait to vote for Harlary Quinnton.

I had a kid say that Hillary was evil and a member of the Suicide Squad. I asked if he meant Harley and he insisted that Hillary was too.

5. ​Dasnyde4 found that camp kids play the darndest things.

I run a camp for kids. They changed sharks and minnows into Trumps vs Mexicans. Had to shut that one down...

6. Jelese111 probably has a few curse word's for this girl's dad.

6yo said to me "I hope the bitch crooked Hillary rots in hell." I told her it wasn't nice to curse. She said "Oh no my daddy said it's okay as long as it's about the bitch". Oh...

7. YourArchNemesis's 3rd grade glass is at the height of political discourse.

One of my 3rd graders enthusiastically yells trump sometimes for no reason. Usually one of the girls will yell back NO, HILLARY. I dont think they care all that much


8. sibtalay had students who really thought about the issues.

One of them asked me who I was going to vote for. I said I don't know yet.

Boy 1: "Well I want Trump to win."

Boy 2: "No way! He was to send our friends back to Mexico!"

Boy 1: "Oh yeah, nevermind."

9. ​hannnnnnnnnnah's students are really worried about Melania.

8th grade, not elementary school. Students are researching the candidates/issues for a project. When they found out that Trump is 25 years older than his wife, they asked "doesn't that make him a pedophile?" They did not seem to buy my response that he's not, since she's an adult. Apparently, 13 year olds think that a 25 year age difference is just too much.


10. KTDid95's 6th grader is worried that even if hips don't lie, presidents might.

6th grade student insisted that I can't vote for Hilary because, and I quote, "She supports SHARIKA law."

11. trepping had a student who might have had it right the first time.

Got this gem from a friend who teaches 2nd grade.

Little boy said " Trump is dickless" My friend reared back and asked student to explain what he meant. Boy answered something to the effect "Trump wants to build a wall all around the country and it's dickless" .Upon digging deeper, friend realized that the kid meant to say "ridiculous" not "dickless".


12. -Cow_Tipper- 's student might be on to something.

3rd grader on Trump: Dad says we're not allowed to talk about that.

13. And finally, Backandwaiting has a pretty bleak look at what elementary school kids will think once they get just a little bit older.

Does Middle School count?

90% of the boys are convinced if we elect Hillary she'll castrate them and sell us to the Jews.

The girls think Trumps daughter is pretty.

God help us.