An apparently bored dad took to Reddit to set up an AMA—"Ask Me Anything"—starring his hilarious three-year-old son. If you've ever read an AMA before, you know they're usually an opportunity for celebrities or entrepreneurs to connect with their fans or customers directly.

In this case, it was a numbing spiral of insight into the mind of a toddler, who may or may not have understood what was happening.

With his dad at the helm, here are some of the greatest moments:

Here's how deep it got:


A three-year-old has humble ambitions.

And no mercy for his family.

(That second line is his dad chiming in.)

So. Sassy. Don't get cute with him.

There's a Superman theme throughout this.


Get inside the mind of a toddler... but you might find something disturbing.

This one hurt his dad's feelings.

And here's the danger of doing an AMA with a toddler.

He might just leave at any time. Kids are a lot like Robert Downey Jr. in that sense.

Nice try... MOM.


And lets go out on two of the creepiest answers.


Read the full AMA, here. And make sure you don't lose the voices.