16 awesome things identical twins did that no one else could get away with.

16 awesome things identical twins did that no one else could get away with.

If you have access to an identical copy of yourself, you better take advantage of it like the following sets of twins did. These duplicate siblings pulled off some pretty fantastic hijinks that either blew people's minds or cheated the system. This list of awesome things that only twins can do will make you want to clone yourself and try them out on your own, or at least regret eating your twin in the womb.

1. Stand in for each other's photos, like Instagram user Jenn Pelly's sister did when she didn't feel like taking her school picture

2. Time travel, as redditor u/MrBuckSkin briefly convinced his twin brother's college class.

So my identical twin brother had a homework assignment from his Creative Thinking class in grad school (he was studying Marketing/Advertising). The assignment was to become an "expert" on a subject you are not familiar/experienced with over the weekend and present what you know to the class on Monday.

That Monday I just happened to be driving through his town. He asked me if I could help him present his homework assignment to his class. I was skeptical at first (I just graduated undergrad and was tired of school), but after hearing his idea I couldn't resist.

His class was first thing Monday morning. In the back of the classroom there was this small lobby area for people's coats and what not. My role was to wait there unseen by his teacher and classmates until it was his time to present and I was given my cue. After about 20 minutes of waiting and listening to other students present their work, it was finally his turn.

He stands in front of the class and tells everyone that over the weekend he became an expert on TIME TRAVEL. He goes on to tell the class that he has come up with a theory and invention that will make time travel possible. He says, "Allow me to explain with this diagram..." and turns to the chalk board. That's my cue.

I burst into the room, "STOP THE PRESENTATION! STOP THE PRESENTATION!" The class is silent, confused and somewhat alarmed. "What? Why? Who are you?", my 'surprised' brother asks. "It's me! You! I'm YOU from the future! Your invention works! It really works! But you have to go home immediately and turn off the gas to your stove! I'll explain more later, but hurry you don't have much time!", I exclaim and I run out of the room.

My brother turns and tells the teacher he's sorry but he has to cut his presentation short and leave the class to check on his apartment. The teacher lifts up his finger and is about to object...but instead smiles and says, "Well done". He got an A.


3. Jewel heists! In a movie waiting to happen, German twins Hassan and Abbas O. got away with $6.8 million worth of jewelry in a heist targeting Kaufhaus des Westens, a luxury seven-story department store.

Authorities couldn't use DNA evidence because the twins' DNA had only 0.01% difference; there was no way to know which twin had been involved in the heist. So both were released and avoided a 10 year prison sentence. According to Time, law expert Hans-Ullrich Paeffgen of Bonn University said (as the twins laughed their way to the bank):

The law doesn't allow us to detain someone indefinitely just because he is suspected of a crime. This may be different elsewhere. But I'd rather live in a country where someone guilty is not convicted for lack of conclusive evidence than in a place where innocent people are locked up.


4. Confuse children, like this dad did to his daughter while she met his twin brother for the first time. Her double takes are hilarious.

5. Travel faster than a jet, such as redditor u/enoughtoday's grandfather whose twin would help him bewilder air force pilots.

My fathers father had an identical twin, and they both were in the air force. First trick was that my grandfather was blind in one eye due to a childhood accident while running with scissors. his brother went and took his physicals for him but they caught them just before pilot training.

Fast forward, they are both active duty during world war 2, and one is stationed in California, while the other is stationed somewhere at a U.S. base in the pacific. My grandfather, Earl, was the guy who would put pilots in their cockpit and make sure it was sealed correctly before they took off. Mind you these pilots are flying the fastest aircraft manufactured at the time, and nonetheless, my grandfather tells them right before they leave, "I'll see you when you get there" with a wink. His brother, with the same last name, imagine "private swenson" or whatever, was the guy who would undo the cockpit for the pilots after they landed in the pacific, and he would say to them, "hey you made it! i got here pretty fast, huh?" producing the most astonished look of bewilderment and amazement one could muster.


6. Convince people they're vampires.

7. Get each other jobs. U/nemanavida's brother successfully nailed his twin's interview.

My brother went to a job interview pretending to be me. I (he) got the job, and I've been working there for just over a year now.

8. Break face swap.

9. Beat the passport obtainment process like u/drewhoff.

I took the picture on my brothers old passport once. Had to get it done while in the country I was born and he wasn't there so I took mine one day and the next day went back and took another picture for my brothers passport photo. He used it for 5 years so questions asked. Sometimes we would even travel together with me pictured in both passports.


10. Trick people into thinking you're actually triplets, as shared by u/city_of_lakes.

I had a friend who had an identical twin, and they both spent the first month of University (they went to the same school) convincing everybody that there was actually three of them and that they were triplets!!

By the time they decided to come clean, nobody would believe them that there wasn't a third of them around somewhere. "You can't trick me, I've hung out with Luke countless times!!"

11. Go on a "double" date in the truest sense of the word.


If neither couple hits it off, they can always swap mid-date.

12. Get each other's money when the family needs it and the bank won't let you have it, like u/greatmikeshark.

While in Iraq, I signed all my legal rights over to my brother. That give him legal rights to my bank account. When my family was in financial trouble, I gave the ok for my brother to take money out of my account. The bank refused to honor the legal document and would not let my brother take money out. Next day he went to the same bank with my passport and took the money out of my account.

13. Use u/thetanpecan's technique for getting away from people you don't want to talk to.

I've run into people (not close friends, just acquaintances) I haven't wanted to talk to and have pretended to be my identical twin to avoid annoying small talk:

"Oh, I'm sorry, you must think I am [my name]. We are twins, this happens a lot."


14. Score big on bets in the clever way that u/lawebley did on a trip to the pub.

My twin brother and I went to different colleges and didn't generally reveal to the friends we made that we each had a twin. One day a group of people approached me in the street, calling me by my brother's name and asking me if I would like to join them in the pub. I knew that my twin brother was already at the pub so I said I'd bet them free drinks if I beat them to the pub in a foot-race, even if I gave them a headstart. They agreed and ran off at top speed while I stood there casually checking my watch and buffing my fingernails on my lapel, only for them to arrive exhausted, and find 'me' standing at the bar, drink already in hand.


15. Save each other from academic disaster like the one u/supergaro's brother almost faced.

My identical twin brother wasn't the most dedicated student in high school, while I was focused on getting into the college of my dreams (usc). He would often skip class to go hang out with his friends and do things that I didn't find to be quite beneficial to my goal of success. Well, his ditching habits got out of hand. It was in the second month of senior year of high school, and his 0 period English teacher told him that he had 14 absences, and that if he missed one more 0 Period class, he would drop fail the class and would not be able to graduate. This really threw my brother's life into gear and he began to come to school early and put his life back together. One day, it was 5 minutes before 0 period had started, and I got a call from my bro. His car broke down and he was stuck 2 miles away from school. He had been trying to fix it for the past 10 minutes and couldn't figure out what happened. I sensed the urgency in his voice and knew he wasn't bsing me. I agreed to take his place and miss my ceramics 0 period and take his english class. The only issue was that his class was on the other side of the school. By the time I went to his locker, grabbed his books, and ran to his class, I was about a minute late. I rushed in, and saw the teacher give a sigh of relief when he saw me. So basically, I saved my brother from not graduating. No one noticed that it wasn't him and it was me, but I do remember this one girl coming up to me at lunch and asking why I changed clothes. Later found out that she was in the 0 period class.


16. And of course, finish each other's sentences. Brigette and Paula Powers may be the most twinniest twins to ever exist.