Most of us spend the first few minutes of life peeing and/or screaming bloody murder. And can you blame us, after that unexpected and jarring entrance into this big, loud, weird world???

But for an unknown baby in a video that went hugely viral this weekend, getting born was simply NBD. She just tumbled out and was like "LIFE! LET'S DO THIS!"

Video that appears to show a baby in Brazil "walking" in a delivery room "just minutes after" she was born has been viewed 81 million times since it was shared on Thursday by a woman named Arlete Arantes.


You can watch it here, but prepare to feel lazy for having taken fewer steps today than this baby took in the first MINUTES of her life:

Isto é incrível nenê sai caminhando após acabar de nascer.

Posted by Arlete Arantes on Thursday, May 25, 2017

This baby seems like she might be the world's next superhero, so watch out, evil villains everywhere!

In the video, a woman dressed in surgical scrubs can be heard shouting in Portuguese: "Oh my gosh, the girl is walking. Good gracious!" the Sun reports. And the midwife can be heard saying that she had been trying to give the baby a bath but she had "other ideas."


According to the Sun, the insignia on the midwife's robes match a hospital in Rio Grande do Sul, south Brazil. Other than that, we can't confirm where or when the baby was born, so we don't know who she is or where she is now, but probably out scaling buildings and fighting crimes somewhere.

No pressure on this baby. BUT, now that we have a toddler as a world leader, a walking, crime-fighting baby could be just the one to save us all.

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