And now I've finally read something he's written from beginning to end. (via reddit)

Reddit user reddituser112 has a friend who really, really dislikes best-selling author Dean Koontz. Koontz may have had fourteen books reach #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List, including Watchers, Odd ThomasIntensity, and most recently, Innocence, but Brian is apparently never going to come around. 

The very mature reddituser112 initially wrote Koontz asking him for an autographed headshot reading simply "F*CK YOU" (clearly, he is following in Koontz' writerly path) to give to Brian as a present. However, Koontz decided to take a noticeably classier approach. There's no word if Brian has responded to Koontz' campaign of passive-agressive pity by giving his books another chance.

Sources: redditor reddituser112