Pickup artists have always been douchey, even back in the 1850s.

"No, this dress is not felt, nor would I like it to be." (via The Bliss of Marriage)

It's a tale as old as time — boy meets girl; boy relies on a bunch of stereotypes about girl; boy attempts to play mind games in an attempt to win girl's heart.* The classic art of wooing a lady has always been filled with jerkbags.

But, you might ask — how do I, a woman, know that things haven't totally changed? Well, that's thanks to a little book from 1858 called The Bliss of Marriage: or, How to Get a Rich Wife. The book was written by Samuel Stone Hall, who, in the preface, writes of the process of creating book, noting "The greatest difficulty has been to ascertain... when a lady is sincere." Great start, guy!