Finally, a section created just for you.

A lot of you may not be familiar with these things called "books" that people would hold in their hands and read with their eyes. They were kind of like Kindles, but they didn't require a wifi connection and they only held one document. Anyway, you could buy these things at places called "book stores," which were sort of like real world versions of the Amazon website.

Apparently, some of these places still exist. Redditor obviousplant stumbled upon one of these archaic locations in his neighborhood and decided to have some fun rearranging its book selection into brand new sections:

...and apparently almost all of their hair.

Also known as "Possible Last Minute Mother's Day Presents."

You might want to reconsider penguins. They're slippery, and they stink of fish.

Don't worry. This is right next to the home brewing section.

Daddy, read the sign again! Again!!!

Isn't using Regis Philbin and orcs kind of redundant?

Where's Writing Books for Dummies for Dummies?

There should be one book here, and it should be called My Home Bathroom.


"On second thought, maybe just go to the frozen food section of your local 7-Eleven."

Sources: redditor obviousplant