"It's the Internet in books," says one teen, and somewhere, a librarian cries.

Just like watching a slow-motion car crash or a starlet freaking out from the pressure of too much fame, many adults also like staring in horrified fascination at teenagers talking about things from Before Their Time. To scratch that itch for today, allow me to present Teens React to Encyclopedias, a video where teens are very confused by things including stacks of books, the alphabet, and the idea that YouTube wouldn't be in an encyclopedia.

For anyone who gets breakup-level depressed when they see teenagers not understand things we older folks grew up with, I have two pieces of good news. One, these kids are actually real, smart humans, and the video doesn't try to play them as totally like, "DURRRRR BOOKS LOL." And two, make sure you watch the end of the video when these kids get their minds exploded by the idea that just like they don't use encyclopedias now, future kids might not use books at all.

Sources: The Fine Bros