The guy who wrote 'Fight Club' has a pretty good sense of humor for someone who wrote 'Fight Club.'

Author Chuck Palahniuk adapted his most famous book (slash Brad Pitt movie), Fight Club, into a kid-friendly version for Mashable. Fight Club 4 Kids follows pretty much the same plot, with a boy and his (spoiler alert) imaginary friend starting a horsing around club. Like the original, there are set rules, it all gets pretty violent, and presumably a lot of dudes say it's their favorite book until they get a little older and change their minds.

Palahniuk is a surprisingly comfortable performer in this. I mean, I'm not about to nominate him for a Golden Click Award for Best Actor In A Viral Video, but he's pretty funny and definitely commits to the accidental cursing bit. And now I want to see how lots of other authors would do with Internet acting. Thankfully, it seems inevitable that we'll get a weird J.K. Rowling video one of these days.

Sources: Vulture | Mashable