Gay penguins, explicit sex scenes, foul language and all the other things that make books worth reading.

"Wait a minute...this book is entertaining! That's not OK at all!"

If you're wondering what to read next, the American Library Association just put out their yearly list of Frequently Challenged Books. Why not start there? Here are the titles that some idiots think should not be in libraries in the year 2014 (that's a full 24 years after Reagan left office, 81 years after Nazis started burning un-German books, and a full 200 years after Jefferson wrote a famous letter concerning the separation of Church and State):

1. 'The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian' by Sherman Alexie.

Complaints: anti-family, cultural insensitivity, drugs/alcohol/smoking, gambling, offensive language, sex education, sexually explicit, unsuited for age group, violence. Additional reasons: “depictions of bullying."

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