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10 people share which actresses have iconic voices on par with Morgan Freeman.

10 people share which actresses have iconic voices on par with Morgan Freeman.


Morgan Freeman is one of the most iconic voices and actors in Hollywood. Freeman's voice is one of the most identifiable voices in TV and film. He's commonly used in narration roles, and few can hold a candle to how captivating his voice can be. On a Popular Reddit thread, people have started a debate about who the female vocal equivalent to Freeman is.

1. AggressivePraline541 says:

Kathleen Turner

The two-time Golden Globe and Tony Award winner has had several big roles in her career, but her most iconic voice role was Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Rodger Rabbit.

2. Moonyalouette says:

Eartha Kitt

The iconic singer had a successful career on Broadway before she became the iconic voice of Yzma in the Emperor's New Groove.

3. randy_daytona402 says:

Helen Mirren

Mirren is the only actor to achieve the Triple Crown of acting (winning an academy award, Tony, and Emmy) in both the US and England.

4. KevinAnniPadda says:

Character actress Margo Martindale

Martindale can be seen playing the noisy neighbor in The Watcher, and funny enough, portray 'Character Actress Margo Martindale' in Bojack Horseman.

5. strikerdude10 says:

Judi Dench

Highly regarded as one of Britain's best actors, Dench's career is rivaled by few. Americans may know her for playing 'M' in the Daniel Craig 007 films.

6. JoeMorgue says:

Shohreh Aghdashloo

The Iranian-American actress can be seen in the Amazon Original series The Expanse playing Chrisjen Avasarala. She also portrayed her voice talents on Arcane on Netflix where she voiced Grayson.

7. 2020HatesUsAll says:

Julie Andrews

It seems that it's mostly British women that can stack up to Freeman, but Andrews is another legend in the industry, beginning her career in 1948.

8. Psychological_Ad819 says:

Sigourney Weaver

The star of the Alien franchise and winner of two Golden Globe Awards and a Grammy can soon be seen in the long-awaited Avatar film The Way of Water.

9. Something_Visual says:

Viola Davis

Davis's career is like a fine wine, as it only improves with age. The Oscar, Emmy, and Tony winner was Nanisca in the Woman King, but she is best known for portraying Annalise Keating in How To Get Away With Murder.

10. moxyfloxacin says:

Cate Blanchett

The Australian actor, regarded as one of the best of her generation, has brought to life many characters in a wide range of films, from Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings to most recently playing Lydia Tár in Tár.

Do you agree with everyone that was listed? Is someone missing? Let us know!

At the end of the day, these women have storied careers of their own that have brought joy and entertainment to so many.

Sources: Reddit
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