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20 people share their worst 'I met a celebrity who turned out to be a jerk' story.

20 people share their worst 'I met a celebrity who turned out to be a jerk' story.


Meeting a famous person you admire can be a once-in-a-lifetime memory, but sometimes the term 'never meet your heroes' is tragically true...

Anyone who has worked in the service industry or behind-the-scenes entertainment world usually has had the opportunity to see a celebrity's entitled side as they recall picking blue M&Ms out of the dressing room snack basket. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's your best 'I met a celebrity and he/she was an a*shole' story?' disappointed fans everywhere were ready to share the famous person who completely shattered their illusions.


I saw Demi Lovato in a smoothie shop with my 9-year-old cousin, who's a big fan. We went up to her and my cousin asked for an autograph. She was texting, looked up, and with the most scathing look said, 'Can't you see I'm f**king busy?' My cousin was crushed and almost cried when we left. - [deleted]


I've met a lot of celebrities (Elijah Wood, Eli Roth, Mel Gibson, Patton Oswalt) and all of them have been extremely nice. While I'm sure there's many celebrities who buy into their own bulls**t, I sometimes wonder how many of these 'bad celebrity encounters' involved the person acting like an as*hole to a celebrity.

Bothering them while they're trying to eat or go to the bathroom. I know a lot of people who are 'minor celebrities' (game designers, webcomics artists, YouTube series people, etc.) and I've heard as many 'as*hole fans' stories as I've heard 'as*hole celebrities.'

I can't remember who said it, but one webcomic artist said, 'If you want an autograph or to talk to me about the comic, do it when I'm not in front of a urinal with my d*ck in my hands.' - Abstruse


I once asked Andy Dick for a picture at a bar in Hollywood on my birthday, and he told me 'No, I have to piss.' He didn't go piss. - papasmooch


Guy Fieri. He wasn't necessarily an as*hole, but he was the biggest douche I've ever had the fortune of meeting. It was at Lollapalooza 2012 and he was playing in a celebrity kickball game. We asked to get pictures with him and he called us gangster ninjas and made us the do 'shocker' hand - GaryOak69


I work for an airline and a fellow employee of mine welcomed Kanye West and asked if she could help him. He said I don't talk to commoners. Talk to my entourage. Another fellow employee of mine asked Billy Armstrong of Green Day for an autograph and he declined saying he was too tired to do so. - ghostly-ams


So a few years back (2009) I saw John Malkovich outside a nice bistro place in new York late one night. As I walked past, I saw him and it clicked who he was and i kind of stared at him as I walked past, but he gave me the most disgusted look. Like a king does to a peasant. It was one of the highlights of my internship. - jasnbekr


My uncle got in fistfight with Rob Lowe on a golf course in Vegas when Lowe was drunk and started hitting on my Aunt. My Uncle refuses to watch anything with him in it. - lothow


One time in airport traffic a limo pulled up beside me; limo window goes down and I get flipped off for no reason by Beiber. - [deleted]


I used to work for an airline and I met Sandra Bullock and Jesse James back when they were still together. Jesse James was really nice and easy to talk to but Sandra didn't say a word the entire time I was assisting them and let Jesse speak for her on every matter.

It kind of squashed my girl crush on her but I found out later that she was once in a plane crash and still has anxiety about flying so now I just attribute it to that. She is also insanely thin. I always thought of her as one of the more 'normal'-sized celebrities, especially back then but she is itty bitty. - littlemockie


Went on a trip to Russia with my dads company and Martha Stewart was also with us. She was dating Charles Simonyi at the time who was doing a space travel program. She was pretty normal or at least what I expected her to be like. But at the end of the trip she started getting weird and sort of freaky.

You rarely ever saw her and when you did it was only for photo ops. I think the reason why she was like this is because Charles was secretly having a thing with a young Sweden girl who he is now married too. Crazy stuff does happen in Russia. - [deleted]


Katy Perry. I was a Marine stationed at Miramar a couple years back when she did a concert on base. They asked for volunteers to pull security which I promptly signed up for because she was my celebrity crush at the time. Figured it was the best chance I had to possibly meet her.

So before the show when we're finishing all the last minute preparations a couple other Marines and I saw our opportunity to say hi to her...and she was a f**king B*TCH. Refused to sign autographs, refused to take pictures, wouldn't even shake our hands. I've never received dirtier looks from anyone than I did from her.

I realize she gets those requests all the time and it's probably annoying, and I would have been ok with her refusal if she was polite about it. But she made it very known she thought she was too good for us. I couldn't believe it. After the show I talked to other guys that were working security and they all had similar stories. She did this show to 'support the troops' and then was terrible to all the troops she actually met.

Another time, she shot her music video for 'Part of Me' at Camp Pendleton and my friends sister who was stationed there was selected to be one of the female Marines featured in it. She had a very similar story to mine. She also said Katy would call for makeup every 5 minutes and apparently is obsessed with aliens because she wouldn't shut up about them.

Now on the flip-side of these celebrity stories, I met Fat Mike from NOFX (celebrity to me at least) at Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival last year and he was cool as hell. Just think it's funny that the guy known for being a drunk as*hole punk rocker was awesome and the seemingly nice pop star was terrible. - You_Got_AIDS_Yo


The first time I met Ryan Sheckler, he was a huge ar*ehole. I was 12 at the time and I'd only been skateboarding a year, and he was my idol. I asked him to sign my board and he got angry and told me to f*ck off. (Baring in mind this was during the time where Life of Ryan was still on air.)

I actually met him a few months ago in Australia. He's now one of the most down to earth people I've ever met. I told him about the time when he told me to f*ck off when I was 12 and we had a good laugh. He also fulfilled my childhood dream of signing my board. Coolest guy ever. - TinselSnake


Luis Guzman is unbelievably rude. He and his large family would come into a restaurant I worked in from time to time, treat their server like garbage, and never tip. He should re-watch 'waiting'. - [deleted]


I'm probably part of the minority here but Bill Murray. I met him 3 separate times all at different film festivals and every time he was a grumpy a*s old man. 1st time he was flirting with a friend of mine and was aggravated that I wouldn't leave him alone with her (granted).

Second time at the same film festival, different party was cranky that he saw me again asking where my friend is and how I got into the party. 3rd time we met he asked me 'Why do you keep coming to these things? Are you trying to meet someone or something?'

I told him the truth, that my husband was there one involved with setting up every party he was at and I was invited. He was skeptical and just unpleasant. - [deleted]


Joey Barton tried to steal my Santa hat at a night club one night drunk off his a*s and took a swing at me. It was while he was at Newcastle Utd and while I was chatting to some friends on a night out 2 days before Christmas I felt someone tugging on the Santa hat from behind, I grabbed it as it came off my head and turned around to see Joey grinning at me telling me he wants my hat.

When I told him no he drunkenly took a swing at me and stumbled into a wall. Two of his friend grabbed him and escorted him away shortly after while my friends and I laughed our as*es off. - Kilen13


Paul Anka. Total douche-nozzle. He was at a theater that I worked in screaming at anyone who would listen that his limo wasn't nice enough. - LearningLifeAsIGo


Halle Berry. I was at O'Hare waiting for my flight to Baltimore to start boarding and had about an hour to kill. So I figured I'd get a coffee, maybe a book or something to kill time. Walk into a duty free shop and start browsing. I'm half paying attention until I hear a woman arguing with the cashier. I think 'meh, what a c*nt' until I hear, 'I'm not coming in until you make him leave and I NEED TO GET IN NOW.'

I turn and Halle Berry and her entourage are staring daggers at me. The cashier looks terrified and conflicted. I kinda just stood there, still not understanding Storm is bi**hing about me. So I pay and begin to walk out and she huffs, 'Ugh, finally. No autographs,' and I responded 'Your husband Will Smith is the best,' while putting my headphones on. I hope it really pissed her off. - whoatethekidsthen


My mom once walked by a lemonade stand while in Hollywood when she was a little girl and she asked her father for a drink. When my grandfather asked how much the boy at the stand said 3$, being the 70's that was even more ludicrous then it is now.

When my grandpa asked why so much the boy simply exclaimed his aunt was famous actress Rosemary Clooney and that since he was related to her his lemonade was more valuable. My mom finally put the pieces together years later figuring out that spoiled little brat was George Clooney. - Hammertime26


I was a manager of an FBO where private planes park. Anyway, Elton John's jet came in one night and when he walked down the stairs to his limo I said hi to him. He looked at me and laughed in the most rude and condescending way as if to say 'how dare you say hi to me!'.

So, when we unloaded his plane he had several huge bags filled with jello and pudding and we helped ourselves to it because f*ck him! - scigs6


I work in an arena and I've seen a multitude of famous people, mostly sports stars and musicians. Worst was Prince, by a mile. He wouldn't speak to anyone he considered under him, which was everyone except his assistant. The limo driver for his concert was supposed to take him to his hotel after the show, since he had a day off after the show, and had another in state show the day after.

The driver took Prince to his hotel after the show, with his two acquaintances, but wouldn't get out the limo. Prince made a change in the itinerary where the driver was supposed to pick someone up from a city an hour away, and they also should have been in the limo after the show, but he told no one.

So prince made the one person in the limo dial his assistant because he didn't talk to the limo driver, and the assistant passed on what needed to be done.

Prince went to the hotel, and the driver left to pick up the other two people an hour away. Driver gets to the destination, and the people he was made to pick up, were currently at Prince's hotel, waiting in the lobby for when Prince was dropped off. Driver had to go two hours out of the way for nothing, because Prince doesn't talk to people, and the driver didn't get back until after 3 am. - CowboyPanda

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