Being a celebrity must be tough. Sure, you get fame, fortune and notoriety, but you also have hundreds of people talking sh*t about you at all times. Actually, that seems like a pretty fair trade, to be honest.

Anyways, Jimmy Kimmel sent a correspondent out onto Hollywood Boulevard to ask people what they think about 50 Cent, and damn did they have opinions. Most went off on 50, calling him everything from "washed up" to "overrated," but little did they know that the rapper turned Vitamin Water salesman was listening in the whole time.



Luckily, the G-Unit rapper was really cool about being dragged through the mud by a bunch of randos, and that is probably because he is rich and famous and they are not.

This just goes to show— if you want to be a total dick and bad mouth a celeb, doing it in the privacy of your own home or on Twitter or something. Or at least look over your shoulder first. Damn.