Aaron Paul raised the bar for everyone in a relationship by giving the best possible birthday gift to his wife, Lauren, who turned 30 this year. Did he surprise her with breakfast in bed?? A Yankee Candle and a Sephora gift card??? Even better, if you can imagine it. The 37-year-old Breaking Bad star secretly invited all of his wife's closest friends to travel to Thailand with the couple, and had them surprise her in a Hong Kong airport.


He posted a video of the big reveal on Instagram and clearly she did not see this coming, because she promptly freaked out and burst in to tears. Happy tears! Probably. Although you can decide for yourself:

What do you think? Is she crying because she's so happy and excited? Or is she crying because she hates surprises and was hoping for a Yankee candle and a Sephora gift card?

Hopefully it's happy tears, because Paul wrote in the caption:


Nothing beats having the greatest friends on the planet surprising your wife on her birthday in Hong Kong to head off to Thailand together for her birthday. I love you so much my pretty little bird. So happy you were born. Also, Thailand, I love you so much already.

At least one of them definitely enjoyed this amazing gift!

Sources: Instagram