Adam Sandler is somehow still making movies, and the trailer for his latest one dropped on Wednesday—at which point a guy named Max Kessler recognized a few similarities between him and Sandler's character in The Do-Over (is this Sandler subtly asking for a do-over on the past couple of films he made?).

In the movie that's being released on Netflix on May 27, Sandler's character is named Max Kessler. The odder part is that fake Max Kessler and one very real Max Kessler look a lot a like. Real Max Kessler pointed this on Reddit, under the username therealmaxkessler.


Here's a side-by-side in case you don't see the resemblance.

This photo of the real Kessler shows the resemblance a bit better:

In case you're feeling like this is all one publicity stunt, Kessler proves this isn't the case because he wrote so on a piece of paper. 

And proof for the skeptical that this guy is really a Max Kessler.


Is this some time-traveling Click thing come to life? Was that movie even about time travel? It was too hard to watch.