Comedian Kathy Griffin hasn't been having the best week. On Tuesday, a photo of Griffin holding a bloody head meant to look like President Donald Trump from a photo shoot she did leaked online and sparked a huge backlash among, well, everyone. Now it seems the only remaining theater allowing her to perform her comedy tour has canceled the show.

According to TMZ, the Uptown Theatre in Napa, California just became the seventh venue to cancel Griffin's appearance. The theater was the last remaining venue allowing Griffin to perform her show, and up until Wednesday, had said that her performance would go on as planned, TMZ reports.


They seem to have had a change of heart after the press conference Griffin held on Friday, in which she claimed to have been bullied by the Trump family.

Friday evening, the Uptown Theatre posted the following message to their Facebook page:

"Kathy Griffin's appearance at the Uptown Theatre Napa, on June 17, 2017 has been canceled," the post reads. "Ticket holders will receive a full refund at place of purchase. Thank you!"


TMZ reports that the Uptown Theatre was the last remaining venue allowing Griffin to perform her comedy tour. All venues for Griffin's remaining tour dates have now pulled out. In the wake of the photo, Griffin has also been let-go from her position as a co-host of CNN's New Year's Eve Show.

Kathy Griffin did issue an apology video after the photos went viral, but it seems that the damage has already been done.