He's just trying to subdue her until he can find a choreographer. (via)

Yes, shouting at Miley for being sexually suggestive or scantily clad at the VMAs is dumb, sexist, and kind of out of it. It's the VMAs! The only way anyone finds out it was even on is when the most sexually suggestive performance creates an uproar in office cubicles the next day. 

But there's absolutely nothing wrong with calling out Miley's performance for what it was: silly. It was a poorly choreographed, terribly costumed mess seemingly engineered to be instantly memorable as a total trainwreck. As with all things of this nature, the Internet quickly ran into its secret lab and began photoshopping. Here are some of the best examples from the photoshop medium of Miley Cyrus Twerking Against People And Stuff.

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