Olympic champion Aly Raisman brought her gymnastics skills to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, making her modeling debut in those famous pages. Raisman sat down with veteran model and long-time Trump troller Chrissy Teigen to discuss what it means to her to be featured in the magazine.

Along with MJ Day, the editor of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, Raisman opened up about her insecurities.

Olympians: They're just like us!


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"It's an incredible feeling because I feel like a couple of years ago I wouldn't have had the confidence to do it," Aly Raisman says.

"How do you have insecurities, though?" Chrissy Teigen interrupts, surprised that an Olympic athlete—whose athletic vigor perfects the human form—worries about her body.


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“I used to be so insecure," Raisman continues. "I thought my arms were too muscular, but now I’m growing to like them.

But she said that the Sports Illustrated swimsuit photoshoot helped her overcome it.

“It’s so empowering to be out there and just, you have insecurities just like everyone else," she says. "Your body’s not perfect, but you feel confident and beautiful.”