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Amber Rose dyed her 4-year-old son's hair to look like hers and now they're twins.

Amber Rose dyed her 4-year-old son's hair to look like hers and now they're twins.


What did you want for your birthday when you were 5-years-old? Toy trucks? A pony? Enough candy to rot all of your baby teeth?

Well Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, son of model Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa, only wanted one thing for his 5th birthday: blonde hair so he can match his mom. Aw!

On Sunday, Rose shared two pictures of her son's freshly dyed blonde hair on her Instagram, and he is pretty much a spitting image of his mother, right down to that serious model pose.

"Lol he begged me for a whole year to dye his hair blonde like mine so we started with a little patch and I told him when he turns 5 I will make him a full blonde like his mommy. He will be 5 on the 21st of February!," wrote Rose in the caption. "He’s so happy and none of you dirty little trolls can take that away from him or me! 😍😍😍 P.S Love your children unconditionally and let them be creative this world will be a better place πŸ™πŸ½β€οΈπŸ˜˜"

And yes, those "dirty little trolls" did have a few words for Amber Rose and her son:

"If he was hanging around his dad hell be asking for dreads he's a child pls don't turn this boy into a drag queen just cause he wants to be just like his mommy a boy can't do everything a girl can," wrote one user.

"I Swear You make him gay" said another.

However, most of the comments on the picture were overwhelmingly positive.

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My twin 😍 #sebastiantaylorthomaz

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Not only are we fans of Sebastian's new hairdo, but we also love that comfy Cheesecake Factory hoodie. Now that is a fashion statement we can get behind.

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