14 people who realized their ancestors were perfect celebrity doppelgangers.

14 people who realized their ancestors were perfect celebrity doppelgangers.

Imagine sifting through old family photos and discovering one of your ancestors looked eerily like​ Matthew McConaughey​. Turns out it happens a lot, although with other celebrities besides the shirtless wonder. After looking through the following photos, don't be surprised if you find yourself combing through your own dusty family photo albums searching for a celebrity doppelgä​nger

1. The resemblance between mwjstone14's great-grandpa and Johnny Depp is just uncanny.

2. Here's to Matthew McConaughey growing a handlebar mustache and looking even more like EmberRainbow's great-great-grandpa.

3. Christmaspencil's grandma is Kanye West's long lost archenemy

4. And Christmaspencil's grandpa IS this self-made millionaire and playboy.

5. You won't need need quaaludes to see the trippy similarities between yoamber's grandpa and Jonah Hill.

6. Shanonya's friend's grandma is probably a fan of Juno.


7. AtomicKetchup has a girlfriend whose grandpa probably fought a grizzly bear.

8. Can someone get Jimmy Kimmel to rock this great-grandma's hairdo? 

9. True or false: SoberLizard's great-grandma looks like Rainn Wilson.

10. SyracuseBiscuits has a friend whose grandma has a more credible claim to Facebook than the Winklevoss twins


11. Yarbage's girlfriend has a great-grandma that's a surefire (sorry) match for Mrs. Doubtfire.

12. And Bloo_regard's grandpa and Ray Liotta hopefully share the same sinister laugh.

13. JayTS said his great-great-grandma only needs a bad toupee to look like The Donald. Definitely has the smirk down.

14. And of course, Mule1069's grandpa and George RR Martin known nothing.