From Blank on Blank, a series where forgotten interviews with celebrities are animated and preserved for the digital age.

Blank on Blank, as the name might suggest, is a podcast and webseries that updates old interviews with celebrities and thinkers (the first Blank) discussing a variety of topics (the second Blank). They originally uploaded this one in December of 2014, but it is making the rounds today since it's the late actor and comedian's birthday, and we're all thinking about Williams and how much we miss him. Right away, it's both fascinating and sad, as he's asked what he thinks the world will be like in 2020, when he would have been 70. Williams would have been 64 today. Although we all wish we could still get more hilarious routines from him, let's just be grateful that recordings like these survive, so we can always hear him discuss how stupid humans look when they orgasm.

Sources: Blank on Blank | h/t Daily Dot