People have been waiting with bated breath for a response from Anna Duggar ever since her husband Josh Duggar was widely publicized as a hypocritical cheat on every dating website known to Horny Man. After the website Ashley Madison (which targets married people looking for affairs) got hacked, Josh (the Christian activist and former star of 19 Kids and Counting) was discovered to be one of its users. After that, dedicated Internet sleuths turned up his profiles on OkCupid and Facebook, and at least one woman came forward to say he'd paid her for sex.

Many people were very worried about Anna, including her brother. Even some of Josh's sisters seemed be turning their backs on him. Now, TLC has released a clip from an upcoming episode of Jill and Jessa: Counting On, the newest iteration of the Duggars' reality show empire. In it, Anna finally speaks about her experience. Surprise surprise, it's mostly about God:

Sources: H/T Cosmopolitan