Anna Faris is a wise woman and we should all hold her advice in high regard. Faris was on Conan Wednesday night to promote her new book, Unqualified, and offered viewers some advice on love and dating. Specifically, she has a list of professions she is convinced no one should ever date.

Here are the professions Anna Faris says to stay away from: magicians, chefs, athletes, musicians, comedians, and.... actors?

If you have one of these jobs, I''m sorry to say that Anna Faris will not be dating you. Unless, of course, you are Chris Pratt, who seems to have somehow managed to hide the fact that he's an actor from his wife all these years.


Shhhh, no one tell Anna that her husband is a huge movie star.

Just kidding, she knows. And she acknowledges that she broke her own rules with that one. Things seem to be working out okay for them though.