Seeing Ariana Grande without her signature ponytail is extremely rare. They go together, much like peanut butter and jelly. But is it possible that Ariana Grande may be leaving her ponytail behind?

In a shocking move, Ariana posted a rare selfie to Instagram on Wednesday where she was wearing her hair DOWN! (I know, I know. Change is hard. We'll be okay.)

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You're probably thinking that was just a fluke, right? Ariana Grande can't possibly forgo her signature ponytail for more than a day, right? WRONG. The pop star posted yet another photo with her hair down on Thursday afternoon.


But what does this all mean, Ariana? Surely you can't be parting ways with the ponytail for good? Have you outgrown the high ponytail? Must we all just accept the fact that as time goes on, people change and so do their hairstyles? I NEED ANSWERS!

Sources: MTV